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LeJour Beauty is a proud supporter of cancer battle and research. Furthermore rather than making the simple donation to cancer research and support groups, we have decided to go a step more by getting actively involved in improving the quality of life for breast cancer survives

Breast mastectomy can.leave permanent scaring and damage to breast anatomy. As such breast survives are often ashamed of their scars and anatomy that the breast cancer surgery has left them with.

LeJour Beauty offers areola reconstruction (areola tattoos) and is offering those services at a reduced cost or free for low income breast cancer survivors that may not be able otherwise to afford this treatment.

If you or someone you know has been affected by the breast cancer and subsequent surgery, please contact us for a confidential exploratory consultation to discover how we can help and assist you with our services and help you bring back the happier you.

All telephone consultations are confidential and if you are worried about the cost of the treatment, we may be able to offer you the pro-bono or even free access to this service.